The Robert Smalls Historical Foundation


The Robert Smalls Historical Foundation seeks to:
  • Acquire funds to purchase, restore, preserve, and maintain the Robert Smalls home located at 511 Prince Street in Beaufort, South Carolina.  This would serve as a museum to house his artifacts and remain open to the public.  In addition, the acquisition of other properties formerly owned by Robert Smalls — located near the Robert Smalls home — would also be a high priority if the Robert Smalls home is unattainable.

  • Work closely with the Historic Beaufort Foundation to preserve the cottage located at 508 Duke Street in the National Historic Landmark District of Beaufort, South Carolina (the last family holding), as a historic residence in perpetuity.

  • Acquire and collect original Smalls artifacts for public display in the Robert Smalls Museum.

  • Promote the book Yearning to Breathe Free, written by University of South Carolina Professor Andrew Billingsley as the most accurate and reveling account of Robert Smalls and the life of his family (see right).

  • Seek the production of a major motion picture depicting the life and times of this great American hero.

  • Solicit individuals, businesses, and corporations to contribute funds and resources to benefit our goals.

  • Establish and promote educational programs to benefit the local communities of South Carolina.

The Robert Smalls Home

511 Prince Street
Beaufort, South Carolina

Yearning to Breathe Free

  To purchase the book Yearning to
  Breathe Free
by Andrew Billingsley,

USC Press
University of South Carolina
718 Devine Street
Columbia, SC 29208